Our Clubs

Active club life in the most diverse fields
offered by the clubs located at the Nordhorn-Lingen aerodrome

Whether you want to glide through the air in a glider, or are tempted to explore the air in a motorised aircraft, or you are interested in vintage aircraft ... all of this can be found at the clubs at our aerodrome. Click on the appropriate sub-items and find the aerial sport you are interested in - we look forward to seeing you!


Vereinigung Aktiver Piloten e.V.

On March 9th, 1980, we joined forces to form the Association of Active Pilots, a not-for-profit association. The VAP pilots and flight instructors are attached to aviation by passion. Many have their own historical aircraft, which are tirelessly self-maintained, restored and flown. This makes the VAP so unique and leads to the trainee pilot not only learning how to fly properly – i.e. in a thorough, well-founded and correct manner – but also to understand what "proper flying" means.

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Verein für Motorflug e.V. Klausheide

The Association for Motorflug Klausheide e. V. is a non-profit organisation and is based at the Nordhorn-Klausheide aerodrome. We are a purely motorised flying club and offer pilot training, including night flight authorisation, at the association flying school. The aircraft fleet currently consists of four aircraft, of which three have four seats (one PIPER Archer II, one PIPER Archer III 180 hp, one PIPER Warrior with a 135 hp diesel engine) and one plane with two seats (Cessna C 152 with 110 hp).

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Luftsportring Grenzland e.V. Nordhorn

We are a gliding club at Nordhorn-Lingen (EDWN) with about 60 active members. Of these, nine are volunteer flight instructors who teach our flying students to fly. We meet every weekend and on holidays at the aerodrome and we’re building up our start-up. The flight season begins in March and ends in October. But we meet also meet regularly in winter to repair the craft, to maintain the club or to carry out other work. Gliding is a team sport, because only by working together do you get the craft in the air.

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Luftsportverein Lingen e.V.

Today, the Luftsportverein Lingen has about 50 active members. The aircraft park consists of an ASK 21, a Mistral, a DG 300, an ASW 20, an ASK 23 and a Duo Discus. In addition, members of the association maintain several private aircraft. The club is equipped with a double drum winch as a starting device. The LSV Lingen relies on the continuous training of young people to succeed us as pilots, and high-performance flight is included. Every year there is a flying camp in which trainees and specialist pilots take part.

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